Al Masjid Al Haram view from the hotel window --- --- My first umroh (short time hajj) to Saudi Arabia. Went with injured condition after get more than three stitch at my hole left feet which never stop bleeding after fall at the stairs which consist of sharp small stone which right made a hole in my left feet. Almost fail to did umroh if the doctor didn't let me go because it happen two days before I went to Saudi, but thanks God I can join the umroh group. It's not only my lifetime milestones but after lifetime milestones. As a moslem we believe that after did umroh which refers to what Prophet Muhammad SAW did, all of our sin are clean and we are like innocent baby without sin again. But for me in personal, after umroh is the hardest time in life because it's easy to did many sin again. Ahh, my future goal now are did the hajj with my future wife, Amin YRA.

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