Micah Mickles Photography

This collection illustrates a fine art approach to street photography.  As I became inspired to tell the story of what I was seeing and feeling while living in New York City, I chose to create a body of work based on urban habitats. Known for being one of the busiest places on earth, many of these images capture the vibe and beat of these magical streets.  The way people behave on the streets with the backdrop of urban architecture continues to capture well on film; it's almost like watching a movie come to life. Shot entirely on medium format film with *Holgas , the collection became entirely experimental at first. Unlike the vast majority of cameras built to take the highest quality images possible, the *Holga is stripped of nearly all technological apparatuses.  That said, images were left with light leaks, clouding around the edges, blurriness, and other technical errors, but has instead lead to another form of expression, pushing the boundaries of New York's edginess and rawness photographically.  

In life I have always had an obsession with the idea of “place”; an obsession that stems from childhood. I did enjoy my leisure time after school going on adventures with the neighborhood kids; however, as a kid who rode along with my now-passed father, a man who was in the business of transportation, I allowed myself to indulge in the scenic routes from time to time as a result of the hours upon hours of car rides.  Through the memories of these experiences, I was able to understand where this attraction to “place” comes from. As for the conception of these murals, I began to literally think outside the box, and instead of capturing frame by frame, I purposefully double exposed and collaged the images within the camera as I wanted to create a multi-dimensional experience.  The eye does not view the world frame by frame. There are things happening in front, behind, above, and below us, so our way of viewing should not always be limited to only a square or rectangle, it is actually multiple horizontal frames making the view more panoramic.  Panoramas were the best way for me to translate many of these urban landscapes photographically. On the note of panoramic images, combining this design element with an environment as active as NYC, it is in my opinion a unique depiction of large groups of people moving in many different directions.  As I looked all around me, there was a multitude of activity: people walking, talking and more, all captured in 360 degrees of where I was standing at the moment. These playful images continue to give me a new perspective on photography, and have inspired certain realizations about myself.  Always having my mind on many things at once, with my attention focused on a specific subject, but never forgetting the bigger picture.

+In the future, my goal is to travel nationally and internationally to continue creating these whimsical murals.