a month of sunbeams.

Ultra long exposure: during 30 days pinhole was aiming to east, can camera was loaded with 10cm x 16cm photosensitive paper. After exposing, all you need is to wash with water your photo paper in a dark room and try to scan it just once, then invert with any photo edition software. You don't need any chemicals at all.

Here, we can appreciate the apparent movement of sun.

This is part of my thesis, I'm working on it.

If you're interested in solargraphy don't forget to visit www.flickr.com/solarigrafia.


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    ¡Quiero más!

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    Separados al nacer, @lasaventurasde @dopzihon. cc: @elkilla

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    ¡Me encanta!

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    way cool!

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    this is stunning!!!!!

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    Muy buena Neuro!

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    nice project

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    jajajajaja, tremenda @NeuroDiaz :D

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    awesome! goodluck for your thesis. ;)

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    So damn interesting!

  15. stratski
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    Lovely! I love solargraphy, and I have noticed that different kinds of paper yield different color results. Compare for instance these two: www.lomography.fr/homes/stratski/photos/18217990
    and www.lomography.fr/photos/tags/110651-solargraph/15971327