The Voigtlander Perkeo 3x4 is another of the forgotten gems from the 1930's. This funky little folding camera has a built in viewfinder at a time when most cameras had folding finders. It has the distance setting knob on the top of the camera so you can set the distance before even unfolding the camera, a cool Voigtlander feature found on several of their early cameras. And it has strap lugs too so you can put a wrist strap on it, essential for a small precious instrument that you would not want to drop. The big surprise for me was seeing the quality of these shots, I'm really happy with this lens! I'm a little nervous about the condition of this piece though so I sent it out to have the whole thing cleaned, lubricated and adjusted so hopefully I get back a unit that will be ready to go for another 80 years.

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