This group of mainly Kalinga people of the northern Philippines is one of the easiest to deal with during the Tunogtugan: 1st International Gongs and Bamboo Music Festival. State them the givens and they would simply adjust to the situation in the venue. That's why it was hard not to grant them concessions - like 3 big rocks and rugs for their bamboo tubes in Dipolog which were not in their technical rider. In Maasin, the stage was concrete so there was no need for the 3 big rocks to use for the tongatong. But since these rocks double as their seats, we asked the local carpenters to work wonders and they did in time for the group's concert - they got 3 bamboo stools covered with sawali or woven split bamboo mats. Every time I would see them at the breakfast table, in rehearsals and the shows, they would greet me with a smile and cheerful face. It seemed it came so naturally from the core of their being. They are really nice and gentle people. Love working with them in all three legs of the festival and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Took these shots backstage before their show in Dipolog Sports Complex. Textured with night blurs I took while riding the bus on my way home from Calamba.

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