This film worked great in the 35mm version but I don´t know what happened with the 120! Scanning was really hard and most of the pics had a lot of grain and a lot of different red tones from one pic to another one that were shot under the same light! Hmmm, I'll have to give it another try :)


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    @mafiosa thank you, linda :)

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    nice one !

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    @grazie thank you beauty :) @suizidekid thank you teacher,i think you knew it was going to be the cover :) Hope in paper looks this nice aswell!

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    Nice album!

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    @clickiemcpete thank you! I'm happy that you liked it!! :)

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    guau! :)

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    wauuu...esta me encanta.

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    @srmarcus @sobetion muchas gracias :):) my favourite from this album I think! :)

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    great multiples shot!!!

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    @mapix thank you for your likes and visit! :)