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Alceu Valença's Concert

Took my Motorizer for a night out since I wasn't drinking. ;)


  1. sarah-addison-dobard
    sarah-addison-dobard ·

    Do you like your motorizer? I haven't used my spinner much b/c I haven't gotten a proper scanner yet. But I would like to use the spinner in low light conditions. Do most photos with the motorizer come out well? It's so expensive, but it seems like a good investment. Thanks!

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @sarah-addison-dobard: Yes, they come out well if it is steady, of course it was not in this picture! My favorite so far with it: It is expensive (I saved piggies for months) but it is worth if you love to take pictures with the Spinner as much as I do!

  3. sarah-addison-dobard
    sarah-addison-dobard ·

    Well I'll definitely try to save up for it! Seems like a great addition to the spinner. Thanks for the tip and great pictures! xx

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