1. hervinsyah
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  2. adventuresinanalog
    adventuresinanalog ·

    I had my sights set on owning a Rolleiflex, but then the Rolleicord stole my heart. I have yet to find one, maybe because I'm too picky. I'm looking for the Rolleicord V Model K3C - one day I'll spot one and make her mine.

  3. lokified
    lokified ·

    Love the whole album!

  4. harveywayne
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    very cool pic

  5. vici
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    lovely and refreshing album!

  6. istionojr
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    love it! very2 nice album. :)

  7. vivie
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    Amazing Album!!!

  8. grazie
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    you and your TRL mister cool!

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