Mystery Film Rolls

These wonderfully nostalgic photos, probably taken in the late 1950s/early 1960s, came from film rolls found in two old abandoned cameras in France. The couple in the first three pictures are presumably French and in their twenties, which would mean they are now in their eighties, and the family in the last five pictures are perhaps from Spain, the young parents being in their twenties or thirties and the children about 4 to 8 years old – now in their fifties? These pictures raise all sorts of questions: who are these people, where are they from, were they holidaying and how did they lose their cameras? They might be really anxious to see their photos for the first time after more than half a century. Which is why I’ve started a search for them through social media. If you want to help, please click here:

found photo france mystery roll spain
Mystery Film Rolls