1. seiryu7429
    seiryu7429 ·

    I see that the colours in different pics of you are quite different though you used the same gear. It seems too much orange in this pic. Did you use any specipic technic or filter in this pic?
    I need the information for I am going to use some rolls of konica vx 200. I would like to hear your opinion so that I could reach the highest result with this kind of film.
    Thanks for your photos.

  2. pawlikdoc
    pawlikdoc ·

    I used yellow filter 2x for this photo. That's why it's yellow. It's quite obvious to determine when i shoot with yellow filter. Generally, Konica vx 200 has pink tint. And it's light grey in overexposed zones. I wonder if you I could do bright photos with it. Maybe, you'd try it at night or with flash, but probably such photos will be dimm. It's not expensive film, you should try yourself and see the result. You see my results with daylight. Film was 200 ISO and expired, so I exposed it as 100 ISO.
    All my recent photos are standard scans of optical prints, so colors are as they are on film.

  3. seiryu7429
    seiryu7429 ·

    The detailed information you share is quite helpful to me. Thanks so much @pawlikdoc