Panorama EBS at Frensham Pond

Frensham Pond is a really pretty nature conservation area about a 10-minute drive from where I live. Despite its name, it's actually two big lakes, a vast area of heathland, plus woodland. There's also a sailing club, and I went there specifically to shoot sailing boats today, thinking they'd be a great subject for the 'exposing both sides' (EBS) technique, but as soon as I set foot in the car park of the marina, a guy approached and told me it was a private club, for members only, and said I couldn't take photos there. I tell you, they're paranoid about people with cameras anywhere near private property in this country! Anyway, I got a few shots of boats from outside the fence and down by the lakeside, then went wandering in search of other sights. Here's what I found...


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    really nice!

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    Selected 18 February 2013 - thanks, LSI...! :-)

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    Great panoramic EBS serie

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