This next one goes a little somethin' like this...

♪♫ Well I woke up this mornin' (da DA da da da!). An idea in my head (da DA da da da!). Thought I'd shoot me some sprockets (da DA da da da!). An' I'd shoot 'em in red (da DA da da da!). So I made me some redscale (da DA da da da!). An' I took my Belair (da DA da da da!). Then I got to a-wondrin' (da da da da DA!)... how to fit that 35 roll in there... ♪♫ Oh, Lawdy, Mama! Got them Belair redscale sprocket blues... ♪♫


  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Dear LSI, thanks for selecting this (14 February 2013), but, with all respect, it is a crap shot.

  2. analogdisplay
    analogdisplay ·

    I don't think it is crap shot!! It's scary, makes me think of The Shining..

  3. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @analogdisplay: Ok, I'm glad you see something good about it! Thanks for commenting :-)

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