The mask is done with a sheet of plastic which has relief, that I burnt.

The film is 100ISO and the Sprocket Rocket is designed for 400ISO so I asked for an E06 process +2 stops: it came out really over-exposed, I just saved a few pictures at the scan. The photographer told me that the film was probably old (even the theoretically non-exposed parts of the film where exposed)


  1. bravebird
    bravebird ·

    love this one

  2. aguillem
    aguillem ·

    At the left it's my boss ^^

  3. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·


  4. thejomi
    thejomi ·

    nice colour.

  5. aguillem
    aguillem ·

    Haha, when my photographer gave me the roll developed, he was so sorry because in his opinion it was a crap despite it cost me a lot... and now this one is picture of the week on !
    (My photographer doesn't do the E06 process in his lab, and the "sub-contractor" charged 14€ because of the +2stops, instead of the 2€ that I pay usually.)

  6. xaviru
    xaviru ·

    beautiful mask and result!