This is the first test roll of the expired Kodak VPL C-41 film that my good friend Arturo sent to me. He had this in his freezer since 1998 so it's still looks very viable. This was exposed for 100 ISO in the Belair and then cross processed in E-6 chemistry. He had instructed me to expose for 100 then xpro and also push two stops to achieve what he calls his "comic book skin effect" but I wanted to start slow with this. (He used to be a top notch artistic nude photographer)


  1. devildi
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    very nice album !!!

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    great shot! by the way, is this film slide or negative?

  3. ditchbitch
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    great album as well

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    Signature @clickiemcpete shot

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    this is awesome Peter!

  8. koduckgirl
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    Wow further proof that the Belair lenses are amazing for doubles the color of this film is amazing as well!! Cheers my friend and thanx for the likes!

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    very cool !

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    so nice!

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    Cool gift, hun? Great shots btw.

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    wow great shot!!