Ding Ding! round 2:

So i bashed another roll of digibase in the lc-a to take it for another whirl to see what i could get, unlike last time i rated the ISO at 400 when previously i rated it at box speed 200 ISO. After X-Pro it would appear that the exposure is a much better balance. This film is said to be identical to Lomo Chrome 100 rebranded which is Kodak EBX rebranded but i feel its lost a certain quality that EBX possessed maybe its the emulsion i have no idea i feel as though the only way i can start blaming the camera is to process a C41 film at box speed and really put it to the test. I will conquer this camera and get the crazy colour shifts and huge contrast and vignetting this camera has been responsible for dominating the lomography world!

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