Life is like lomo rumbles - sometimes you win, other times you lose. I have had so far survived both in abundance - winning trips to Rio in June 2011 and Seoul early last year and a host of other piggy-earning competitions and on the other side, having lost a lot of rumbles I persistently joined in. Well, my defeats are far greater in number than my rumble victories. But for me, it's the opportunity to have given my very best and learning from the experience in every competition that matters more than actually winning. It's the process that is more valuable and richer than the product itself. Took this discourse as theme for this album wherein I played with some popular quotes on competition and added my own versions to texture my shots documenting a happy bonding walk around Quiapo, Sta. Cruz, Binondo and Lawton in Manila with my niece Ayana a day before New Year's eve..

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