Belair Sees San Diego

My first roll with the Belair is a bit of a disappointment. The camera certainly got a bunch of attention on the Midway and in Balboa Park, but I was disappointed with the photos. In my opinion, the pictures lack the sharpness and brightness I expected. I'll try again with another type of film and better lighting...and my fingers crossed. ;-)

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  1. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Hmm I kinda see what you mean even tho I do like these first rolls were too dark and it is frustrating that there is no indication if the batteries are dead so I change the batteries every few rolls just to be safe and I was thinking maybe the batteries I initially put in were not good from the 400 iso these should be better exposure it seems cool subjects tho! Cheers and thanx for the many visits and likes recently