Star trails, one hour at f1.8.

I have never had a film messed up so badly. The Photo Shop in St Austell were meant to E6 process this. It came back completely crumpled and covered in scratches and fingernail marks! If it looks like there is a hole or rip in any of the shots, then there is. It came out super washed out looking, almost mono but with a pale blue tinge. It looks like it began in a C41 process and then someone realised it was meant to be E6, because while the film is still positive, it looks cross processed in tone. I had to heavily adjust during scanning to get anything out of it. NEVER going back there!

This shot had a massive scratch over it whioch amazingly just didn't show up in the scan!


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    Da noi si dice: "botta di culo"

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    Google translate is not making this any clearer for me, but thanks for your likes!