Sankt Martin - Lightpainting with passers-by

Every Year the germans celebrate Sankt Martin. Every year the kids join the lantern procession on St Martin's day. Last 15 years without me, but this year was my year again.
But one thing differs from back then. I changed my lantern to an analog slr, mounted on a tripod loaded with an Kodak Film and also loaded with almost empty batteries^^.
However, 28mm lens was mounted. Aperture was set to 8. exposure time was between 30 and 60 seconds.

The shutter got stuck a few times due to the weak batteries and I had to turn off the camera which results in blur.

Anyway, I love the results of my first longtime exposure.
The Lightpainting job done by the kids with their lanterns is amazing. On the other side, the huge fire gives a good mood to the shots.

Do you celebrate Sankt Martin in your Country, too?

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