1. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    lovely album adi.......if i hve to name ur small poetry it would be "Will meet u again at the end of the track" meaning is .....will love u in the next birth too

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @sudhashunmu thank you very much! I didn't realize that this album is a small poetry, really. Will meet you again at the end of the track ..Will love you in the next birth too.. That is so beautiful! Will tell them about this poetry :D Thank you :)

  3. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    thank you adi for ur liking all admirers need nothing but a piece of appreciation thats all ...same here

  4. skatesauce
    skatesauce ·

    Very cool !

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