Banger Rules

The unbearable noise of old engines roaring, the smell of oil, gasoline and burned tires, scorching
heat. Ringing in the ears, the head turns… And then, suddenly, everything stops in a crash
of crunching metal.
A dead silence for a few seconds… Then the noise again. At first, the noise of a old cars that
starts again is engine with difficulty followed by crowd cheering is hero of the day. A Ben Hur
of the modern times… The only driver still in movement between dozen of car wrecks.
The gates open and the spectators run on the “Speedway” track to help the drivers to get out of
their car smoking and to carried in triumph the winner of the day. Kids jump on the car wrecks
trying to break with a huge smile what can still be break.
The “Full destruction” is the culmination of a day of racing during which for several hours
Banger amateur drivers will play to the limit by multiplying laps at breakneck speed and strong
contacts with their opponents.

More photos by thomasvdd