Ektachromeslide duplicating 46mm film

46mm film with sprocket holes on one side only....have you seen such? E-6 process, expired in the twenty-nineties. Loaded onto a 120 spool from a bulk roll. Exposed as about EI16 and processed at half time in C-41.


  1. rik041
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  2. fleetfox
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    46mm film was commonly used in long-roll portrait cameras, like what one might use if they were making school photographs or for police mugshots. I could imagine a lab, in the old days, using such a camera for high-volume slide duplicating, or any copy work, really. Slide dupe film used to come in 70mm, too, if I remember correctly.

  3. adash
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    @rik041 Thanks a lot! @fleetfox Thanks for the lomo-love and insight too. I guess those cameras are long ago scrapped and thrown away, since I haven't bumped into one in any online auction site.

  4. npkishi
    npkishi ·

    what an extraordinary beautiful colors !!!

  5. pangmark
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    crazy colourful album, i love it!

  6. adash
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    @npkishi @pangmark Thanks for your appreciation, friends!

  7. kaffeeschwester
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    great album ,exceptionally great colors !

  8. herbert-4
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    Wonderful album!! Dean Bennici was cutting Aerochrome III into 120 from giant aerocamera rolls of 9.5 inches x 400 feet. These fit Kodak Aerocameras like were on SR71 during Cold war. His site: www.tarquinius.de I think he has been out of film for a while.

  9. adash
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    @kaffeeschwester Thanks!
    @herbert-4 Thank you. I've seen insane prices for single rolls of Aerochrome recently, and I will not pay that! Not that they will drop over time, but $40 - $60 per roll? Come on!

  10. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    I may have the last fresh rolls of Aerochrome III in my freezer... I have 7 left, stored at ~-20. I think I'll some more this spring. I got them a few years ago for US$18 each. I think Lomography should buy the chemistry from Kodak and keep having it made, somewhere. This stuff was most often used for diagnosing crops from an aeroplane, and nothing digital can match it. I thing agricultural agents would love them, forever! Could we start a campaign?

  11. adash
    adash ·

    @herbert-4 Absolutely! The good thing is that now QC can be much weaker than when it was used by the military. At $18 I would buy several.

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