1. frankrs
    frankrs ·

    HI! I like this picture very much :) Please check my King Reguls Sprinty C300 page on facebook and please let me know if I can show these pictures there. All credits will be for you, of course. Bye! -- https://www.facebook.com/RegulaSprintyC300

  2. biciclettaverde
    biciclettaverde ·

    Hi @frankrs thank you! I love these camera :)
    You can show these images on your facebook page. Let me know..bye!

  3. frankrs
    frankrs ·

    Thank you @biciclettaverde! I have posted some of them. ;) cheers!

  4. biciclettaverde
    biciclettaverde ·

    I saw them on facebook :) thank you!

  5. biciclettaverde
    biciclettaverde ·