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  1. gendis
    gendis ·

    cool vinyette

  2. meryl
    meryl ·

    Nice album!

  3. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    great holga fotos...<:)

  4. vici
    vici ·

    Miss Holga - I'm glad you brought her, and E100VS. This is a gorgeous pic.

  5. jawatembak
    jawatembak ·

    lovely tone

  6. trw
    trw ·

    I love Holgas AND E100VS! ;-)

  7. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    The colour saturation is fab!

  8. buckshot
    buckshot · the vignetting, the dreamy soft focus... It's shots like this that got me interested in Lomography in the first place. Fantastic shot, Pete!

  9. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Thank you so much everyone! :)

  10. arurin
    arurin ·

    i love my holgas too ;)

  11. kaffeeschwester
    kaffeeschwester ·

    great album, great colours !

  12. cornborn
    cornborn ·

    cool album, makes me want a Holga of my own :)
    and of course sailing is the best!!

  13. qrro
    qrro ·

    great colors!

  14. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    great colours.

  15. gotoarizona
    gotoarizona ·


  16. grazie
    grazie ·

    you know what? I dont even have a Holga haha! I should get one. Nice one Peter!