“itsy bitsy” fisheye baby 110 workshop

thought to try out the first 110 camera by lomography buuut.. I'll admit that I was disappointed :x it was a fun time with new friends though! :D


  1. eunicegoh
    eunicegoh ·

    Hi Nadine, was one of the shots done with colour flash and the other without to achieve this effect? Thanks!

  2. naddie
    naddie ·

    @eunicegoh hey eunice! this was exposed three times (indoors) with three different colour filters with flash (:

  3. eunicegoh
    eunicegoh ·

    Thanks! Was flash attached to camera? It can be seen from different angles.

  4. naddie
    naddie ·

    @eunicegoh the flash was attached by an adapter which isn't stuck on the camera as it's the baby camera. so it's like the olden days of the photographer holding out the flash with one hand which firing the shutter with the other in order to take flash shots ;p the instructor of the workshop told me to place the flash as near as possible but it wasn't that necessary. I didn't like it that the flash was captured by the lens so now I've learnt from it XD