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Carlos' Bicycle

In 1997 I worked in a Custom Photo Lab and when the New Owner started to drive customers away because he was a Drunk, I may have supplemented my lost wages with a roll of film or two. This WAS a roll of Kodak Vericolor Slide that has been stored in my closet since 1997. It should be Bright Cyan, but I think It's Gone Off. But I am Happy I did get something, it was shot at EI of 2 ISO and Pushed 1 stop (in 1997 I had shot it at EI 18 and Push 1) The Scanner didn't like it, the film (process C-41 negatives) is dark and very green. So green that even scanning into a positive it's still green. I literally could not get rid of it. See here for what it looked like in 1997…

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