Berlin/Brandenburg Sommer 2012 - achter Film

My new DDR-camera, a VEB Rheinmetall Perfekta. Nice one! Some of the pics got blurred though, shutter has only 1/25. That's a bit slow for shaky hands...


  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Nice camera!

  2. marcel2cv
    marcel2cv ·

    @alex34: Thank you! :-) Yeah, I like it, although it is a little too big... Won't be the last roll with her.

  3. alex34
    alex34 ·

    @marcel2cv is it the mark one or the mark two, as a matter of interest?

  4. marcel2cv
    marcel2cv ·

    @alex34: It's the mark one. :-) Bought it together with the Exa 1c on the fleamarket. It was kind of an addon, and I didn't expect too much, but I was wrong. As long as the hands don't shake it does really pretty pics! :-)

  5. carsten-schmitt
    carsten-schmitt ·

    Krasse Farben.

  6. vivie
    vivie ·

    hammergeiles Bild!!

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