1. dida
    dida ·

    are you sure it was a true aerochrome?

  2. binolatte
    binolatte ·

    @dida That's the thing... got this film from one of the lomographers here who first posted aerochrome, it was respooled in a different canister, received it by itself (as, 1-roll in an envelope, not in a box or in the plastic container)... I think xray from customs, affected the film somehow. There's another lomographer here who also bought film from him, and we have same results... I mentioned about the film and I've used a filter to the lab where I sent it, so I assumed that they know what to do...

  3. bomber-dud
    bomber-dud ·

    Dean bennici says"I am sorry to say, but this is not aerochrome film!!!!!
    notice that the trees are green. trees will never ever be green with aerochrome.
    i guess you bought this fake film from the english guy jake rosinson. many people have been ripped off by him. he should be in jail!!