Warren Dunes State Park

In 2001 my 35mm Analog camera had died, so I went ahead and got my first Digital. But in October of 2006 we took a driving vacation along Michigan's coast line so I decided to use some of the 120 film that had been in the refrigerator for years. But my TLR had problems with film advancing and the counter so I only shot three rolls. When we got home I put the exposed film back in the frige. I didn't forget about it, I just didn't do anything with it until this year when I finally developed it. I Pushed it 2 stops and am surprised how well they came out. These B&Ws are my favorites because of the amazing texture of the sand and the shadows from the small rocks. And also because we had our second greyhound Fred we us and we were walking along the beach with him illegally. One month later he became sick and he died two weeks after that. Sad and Beautiful.

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