This is the last roll from my first rolleiflex before it got stolen along with my pentax a few weeks ago (yes i'm fucking pissed off), I have since replaced them with another rolleiflex automat (a more rickety one) and a petri flex v. And also very recently someone just gave me a hasselblad 500 c/m (mixed luck) which I'm absolutely delighted with and I hope to use it in the near future. these events however will not halt my rolleiflex picture production, i'll keep them flowing cause I love it.


  1. lomonina
    lomonina ·

    great..reminds me of my childhood :)))

  2. cpolpa
    cpolpa ·


  3. vidumshitsa
    vidumshitsa ·


  4. sommarboken
    sommarboken ·

    awesome :)

  5. peterbalogh
    peterbalogh ·

    Beautiful! Great composition!

  6. verian67
    verian67 ·

    Sorry to hear about the theft, my Rolleiflex is like a member of the family, would hate to have it pilfered.

  7. theoclunk
    theoclunk ·

    @verian67 yeah that wasn't a good day

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