Test rolls from my modified AGFA LeBox Single use camera

A split scene without any sort of splitzer - Just make sure half of the image is much darker than the other half. Shoot, turn around and shoot again in the same frame.


  1. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    Gonna try it out with my Tengor Box, gonna call it the Adash splitzer :)

  2. adash
    adash ·

    @gauthierdumonde LOL! Make sure half of the scene is in the shade, and half is in the sun in order for that to work.

  3. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    I get the concept ! I just never got this idea. I like it (I am not a purist (well, maybe a little)) but I don't really like the splitzed -buildings in the clouds- pics. Most of the are the same. But the concept of doing it without a splitzer, that is something I like !

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