Lee Valley Park Wide Angle And Film Test

I wanted to try out Fuji 160NC. Even though it's more of a portrait film was curious to see how it would handle landscapes and Yashica wide lenses I'd just managed to get my grubby hands on from ebay. They're a little soft and the film gives a bluish dreamy look. I really like it. The greens really pop and it really seems to show up UV more than any colour film I've used. I cant wait to try it in a few more situations. It's a really unique film. ***********************
As I was exploring around the bridge i found this little den. as explored further in the opposite direction i discovered a labyrinth of pathways leading through some undergrowth off into secluded clearings. As I passed a stocky bald well tanned man I thought he was merely a tourist of some kind. As I saw variations on his look further into the undergrowth throwing blankets in various clearings I decided to leave as I had accidentally infiltrated a secret 'cottaging' hot spot and didn't want to disturb the path of true love.

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