This is my first foray into X Pro and I must admit I was very disappointed when I opened my prints this morning. There are a few that are belters (Lidl's) but I would like HELP from X PRO experts. I've done a bit of wee research and looked at the negatives which have ll the detail and are not blown out. I forgot to tell the lab not to colour correct. Is this why they are like they are? Any opinions or experience of the same would be great.

But in Lomo culture making this mistake has led to a couple of cracking shots.


  1. knipsomat
    knipsomat ·

    Just go for a scanner and maybe you should try to underexpose the film before crossing... ;)

  2. blanches_nickelodeon
    blanches_nickelodeon ·

    @knipsomat Thanks. Yes... thinking about a scanner... next question is which one. Epson V500 seems to be a popular one amongst Lomos.

  3. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    Great color :)

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