beach life

It's the ultimate devotion, waiting on a windswept beach with your dog whilst the other half goes out for hours and has a whale of a time. A hardy and special breed more commonly known as kitesurfing/windsurfing widows. We salute you.


  1. calamita
    calamita ·

    good angle, great colors, nice shot ;)

  2. marcosaoferraz
    marcosaoferraz ·

    Great composition and nice contrast!

  3. qrro
    qrro ·

    amazing!!!!! love this shot man!!

  4. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    I like how a lot of your photos are taken from the ground, it adds a certain amount of "awesome."

  5. lomomowlem
    lomomowlem ·

    Ground shots are always my angle of choice :)

  6. gheinz
    gheinz ·

    Fantastic shot ! Congrats !!

  7. lomomowlem
    lomomowlem ·

    @gheinz Thanks!

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