4th Street Square

Doubles With Myself, I got the Idea from @weleasewoger72. First I shot this roll normal in my Diana with the Pano Frame. Then because I also shoot Bulk film I have reusable film canisters, so I popped the Lomo film out of it's original can and untaped it from it's spool and turned it over and retaped it to one of mine, wound it back in so it would be Redscale. Then reshot it in a regular SLR. I did realize while shooting the normal pass in the Diana that the way I was going to DIY Redscale that the horizontal frames would be upside down, so I did shoot some of the Diana frames holding the camera upside down. I also scan the roll twice (emulsion up and down) so that I could get as much as the writing to read the right way as possible. It was fun i will likely do it again.

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