Released in November 2010 from her house arrest since 1989, Aung San Suu Kyi - Burma's frontline opposition politician and chairperson of National League for Democracy - has joined the ranks of the world's prominent ex-political prisoners. She was awarded in 1991 the Nobel Peace Prize which she just officially received by way of her acceptance speech at Oslo's City Hall last June 16, 2012.
Her freedom has become a political sign that the military junta governing Myanmar is opening rooms for much needed political reforms. Two months ago, she was elected to the lower house of the Burmese parliament with her party winning 43 of the 45 vacant seats.
This is my personal tribute to what Burmese activists for independence called The Lady. She is truly an inspiration not just to fellow activists in Burma but to activists worldwide.
Created these quadruple analogue shots fusing four images using my Canon A1. Experimental shots like these rarely get to be popular but I'm sharing them in the hope that others may find inspiration too from The Lady the way I did. We are all citizens of the world. What happens in one part of the globe affects the rest.