SMAK (Christian Senior High School) Dago, Bandung, Indonesia...

...were best known for it's number one accoustic quality in my hometown. Build at Dutch collonialism many years ago, now this great building which also the almamater of B.J. Habibie, Indonesian 3rd president, were destroyed by it heir to build some commercial thing you name it. So sad T_T -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the article…


  1. myfanwy-howe
    myfanwy-howe ·

    nice red ;) how did you do it?

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @myfanwy-howe : Thank you very much for like & being the first comment at this photo ^_^ I just redscaling the film, you can see the tutorial "how to redscale film" on youtube =D

  3. myfanwy-howe
    myfanwy-howe ·

    thanks;) i think it's quite great (i'm waiting for the redscale lomo to come back into stock, i"m lazy)....

  4. maaikel
    maaikel ·

    Again some fantastic pictures, well done!

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