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Finally Light painting done with smile on my face

i have no idea how many time i do this,light painting is couldnt be more interesting for me,and finally i made it with my pals @zekalinova and other persone who help me up,
not only LP we also having fun with lovely diana mini and her square eyes


  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    keren abis!!

  2. achmad-magabutz
    achmad-magabutz ·

    thanks @adi_totp

  3. achmad-magabutz
    achmad-magabutz ·

    Thanks all for those numbers of like =)))

  4. jarvislomo
    jarvislomo ·

    widihh keren nihh!!!

  5. lo-peach
    lo-peach ·


  6. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    looks like batman doing lightpainting. =P

  7. achmad-magabutz
    achmad-magabutz ·

    @lo-peach thanks

  8. achmad-magabutz
    achmad-magabutz ·

    @xephryrus yess seems legit~

  9. dida
    dida ·

    great double!

  10. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    very cool

  11. berniefern
    berniefern ·