Forest Hill Cemetery

Looking through more old negs, I found my first roll of Infrared. My friend Fimbi and I had a good time trying some spooky looks. Too bad the roll is VERY overexposed!! Also I don't think my scanner likes scanning Very overexposed negs.


  1. alburnkat
    alburnkat ·

    @maria_vlachou Thanks for the Like

  2. alburnkat
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    @134340 Thanks for the Like

  3. alburnkat
    alburnkat ·

    @trw This is the one Honorably Mentioned in The Lomo Hipshot Showdown - Supernatural competition

  4. trw
    trw ·

    This is excellent! I can see why it was chosen. Congratulations, again!

  5. alburnkat
    alburnkat ·

    @trw Thank You, you might like checking out the last image in this album, it's me. It was an other image I was considering entering. But this comp. was one pix only.

  6. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Spooky indeed! Great shot!

  7. jean_louis_pujol
    jean_louis_pujol ·

    Superbe cliché!

  8. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    And now it's also a runner-up in the Halloween Scary Photo Rumble:… Big congrats, Kat...!

  9. alburnkat
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    @stratski Thanks

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    @zero_charly Thanks

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