This 1940's Kandor Jr. is an interesting pocket camera. The Kandor and it's sister cam, the Lark, both made by Irwin Corporation in New York, are the inspiration behind Lomography's La Sardina series. Actually the Lark is closer in shape to La Sardina and I suspect the Kandor came earlier. Anyway, it's a pressed metal camera with a back that fits on like the "lid" of a sardine can. After much searching on Ebay for quite a few months I finally found a working example of this one. The Lark I also found but it is not working yet. As it was, the Kandor required an hour or two of cleaning and lubrication to get it going again so these probably tended to get rusted up and did not survive compared to most of the bakelite based 127 type mini cameras from the 40's and 50's.

1940's Kandor Jr
Efke 100
United States
1940's Kandor Jr: The Original La Sardina


  1. vicuna
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    Great vintage album!

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    +1 Great album!!!
    Great ambiance

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    love the look of this album! nice!!!

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    Wonderful album Peter!
    And your choise of camera and film to those vintage cars is so perfect, love this!!!

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    Thank you so much for the kind words everyone. :)

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    Buena foto!

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    What a great discover...<:)

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    With this combination of camera and film you'd almost think you were taking photos of new cars.