In the early 1930's Kodak bought the Dr. Nagel Works in Stuttgart, Germany and over the next few years before WWII they manufactured some wonderful folding cameras including the Retina series. Many of the designs draw heavily on the Nagel ideas and there's some strong DNA there. All of the stuff that came out of the Nagel factory is very high quality with nice finishing, a joy to use even all these years later. There's always lots of them out there too for anyone who wants to go looking on Ebay. Some of the earlier models such as the Vollenda and Pupille are 127 cameras and are tiny and easily pocketable. This model, the Duo Six-20 is quite compact as well, takes 620 film (actually the same as 120 but on smaller spools) which is available from B&H and elsewhere. It takes half frame images so you get 16 per roll.

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