abandoned colony of garden patches

This week I shot with a Lipca Rollop. A german camera similar to the Seagull 4A or the Lomo 166.
In this case I bought it some time ago on the internet but noticed the longer exposure times don´t work. The aperture is not closing anymore exposing longer than 1/25. So the guy selling gave me back the money and told me I should keep it. So here we are. I thought I´d better use a 400ISO roll to avoid trouble but now noticed that the faster exposure times don´t really work either. My guess when looking at the pics: about 3 or 4 times the settings are really about visible/represented on the pic. On top it´s damn hard to transport the film correct! You have to be very very careful otherwise you turn without moving the roll and then you get overlayed pics. Can be a nice effect but not if you want to test.

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