Beautiful Fukushima

Beautiful Fukushima in spring.
The Miharu Takizakura (waterfall cherry tree of Miharu) is an ancient cherry tree in Miharu, Fukushima.
It is classified as one of the three giant cherry trees of Japan.
This 1,000-year-old cherry tree is a symbol of hope after surviving the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.
It was raining then, but so beautiful and divine.
Thanks for my lomo friend, living in Fukushima, I could see good places around the area. This is the first time I met her but it was really nice lomo-walk.
You might know Fukushima as the town of nuclear power plant accident.
Yes it's true, but it's also true that Fukushima is one of the most beautiful area where we can meet great nature through the four seasons.
I 'd like to tell you the beauty of Fukushima, by showing pics, as many as I can...

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