The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!

Costume Party at the Pirate Ship Untitled

The Pirate Ship is the new name for my home in Maui. Why? Because there’s a lot of swash-buckling swarthy shit going down all the time. To Christen the mother ship, and her new name, I threw a little welcome home costume photo sioree. It just turned into all kinds of awesome. This solidifies my theory of people being more comfortable in costumes than designer clothing. It really was like no other party I’ve ever been to or hosted. There will be more…

This album is a preview of things to come. We will be creating our own costumes as well. And after all, the Unicorn costume hasn’t even come in the mail yet!

The concept of this album is chaos. Instead of dressing up in front of a pretty setting or backdrop, just taking photos in that chaotic moment when you first put on a costume.

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