Semana Santa en Mazunte

Desafortunadamente solo pude rescatar 1 de 3 rollos que tome durante las vacaciones de Semana Santa ya que uno de los rollos se velo y otro de los rollos salio en blanco (probablemente el rollo no estaba bien puesto o el diafragma no abrió correctamente ya que el rollo salio completamente en blanco). // This film is from vacations in early April, unfortunately only 1 out of 3 films survived as one of them was exposed to light and was ruined and another one was completely blank (probably film was not inserted correctly or shutter was not working as it was supposed to).


  1. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    Well, the roll that turned out is groovy. Did you take the blank roll on April the 1st? ;)

  2. oscarrastaman
    oscarrastaman ·

    @pangmark thanks, I think I actually did loaded that day LOL

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