paper as a camera negative

30 year old bulgarian colour darkroom paper, developed in diluted C-41 chemistry. Shot in 6x6 in a Walzflex TLR.


  1. iloveyousummer
    iloveyousummer ·

    i got to learn this stuff.. lovely!

  2. adash
    adash ·

    @iloveyousummer It's a whole lot of fun to process paper in trays in complete darkness. The order is not too different from B&W paper processing - expose, develop, stop, and then bleach, fix and rinse. The extra step is the bleach, but it can be omitted for extra contrast. The developer is from a C-41 kit, but you can also source it from a lab, if you have friends there. The bleach is from a kit too, but of course the minilab blix can work too. Blix is bleach and fixer in a single solution. Make sure you know how to store and handle poisonous and corrosive chemicals before you start.

  3. phzhi
    phzhi ·

    this one have such good feeling.