Testing PX100 Silver Shade

I have no idea why the color turn out in deep brown


  1. horsoon
    horsoon ·

    Could it be the photo was exposed to the sun/light for too long when it was first ejected from the camera?

  2. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    Hi @horsoon, this photo I took it in indoor so I am curios why the color was so dark

  3. horsoon
    horsoon ·

    There are many factors, e.g. expired film pack, exposed to high temperature while in storage, or perhaps it was exposed to too much lights after it was ejected from the camera ( I understand the PX film/paper is very sensitive to lights and it must be shielded immediately after it's being ejected and placed face-down for several minutes to be developed). Perhaps setting the Polaroid's brightness/darkness setting to 'Bright' may help.

    Anyway, I think these pictures are nice it its own way too ;-) They are special, and even have this redscale feel!!