Doubles with neja:

My Russian friend Julija Svetlova who is now based in London sent me a roll of film via postal service early February. It took almost two months for the film to finally be delivered at my doorstep - the tragedy of public postal service in third world country. After inspection and finding no mark indicating the first frame and no particular info re: the first layer shots, I courageously loaded the film into my LCA+RL. I went around Manila and Pasay for my shoot. With fingers crossed, I was hoping that my shots wouldn't ruin but would instead complement neja's. I'm very happy with the results. It's London in winter against summer in Metro Manila. The lightleaks added colors, textures and character to the shots - which made me think if it was neja's camera or mine. Finally, my heartfelt thanks to neja for trusting and encouraging me to do this west-east collaboration. Kudos!

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