Architecture in the oldest part of Sana'a

Shots from a photographic trip I took in 1997 to the glorious, rarely visited, oft-maligned and massively underrated ancient land of Yemen - one of only a few countries in the world continuously populated since at least 2,500 BC, whose capital - Sana'a - is named after the biblical Noah's son, Shem.

Despite its reputation for war, kidnapping of foreign tourists and, more recently, breeding terrorists, this is truly a magnificent country that abounds in history, culture, uniquely beautiful architecture and stunning landscapes — as well as some of the most fantastically generous and hospitable people I've ever met.

It's also one of the most exciting places in the world to roam around with a camera, and I hope these shots give you some flavour of the wonders that await you should you ever get the opportunity to travel there.


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    great album!

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    @traaaart Glad you liked it - thanks for being the first to look at it! :-)

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    Un álbum fantástico!

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    beautiful album

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    Great. I love the colours and composition.

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    incredibly beautiful album! i need to go there one day, but i guess i wont make it for a few years. this summer there's, besides others, kosovo on my plans.

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    great album and great album description

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    great album!

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