Going Back To Basics: 1st Take on Analog Photography.

For a person like me who hates the feeling of uncertainty; getting a lomo camera was a big step. I was a bit skeptical at first, because i didn't really like the idea of not knowing how the picture will look like and only seeing the result after the films are developed.

But, after a couple of trips to Team Manila, i started feeling differently towards analog cameras and i found myself wanting to have a Diana Mini of my own. :)

And it turns out that it wasn't a bad idea afterall. :)

It is a bit challenging though, because i don't know much about lighting, ISO, diff. films, B and N setting. But luckily, after 4 rolls of film, i came up with 30 decent looking pictures. :)

Wish me luck on this new adventure and i hope that there'll be more pictures to come! :D

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